Clinical Experience

Since 1993, the DynaWell L-Spine device has been used in clinical practice and research studies at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. The DynaWell L-spine device is also used in daily clinical practice in USA and in several countries in Europe. An increasing number of clinicians send their patients to MRI and CT examination with axial load to get more enhanced diagnostic information and a more valid basis for treatment.

Numerous clinical studies have been completed and published:

Neurosurgeons - Scientific Presentations and Articles

Orthopedics - Scientific Presentations and Articles

Radiologists - Scientific Presentations and Articles





Clinical Experience


Scientific Presentations & Articles

Neurosurgeons - Scientific Presentations & Articles

Orthopedics - Scientific Presentations & Articles

Radiologists - Scientific Presentations & Articles

Scoliosis - Scientific Presentations & Articles

Case Studies

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