Clinical Experience - Case Studies

In this section you will find numerous case studies where the DynaWell L-spine is used.


Case 1
Patient: Male 68 years

Images courtesy of Pacific Imaging Center, Longview, WA


Case 2
Patient: Male 42 years

Images courtesy of Pacific Imaging Center, Longview, WA


Case 3

Patient: Female 55 years

Images courtesy of Pacific Imaging Center, Longview, WA


Case 4

Info: Pinpointing the presence of a synovial cyst

Images Courtesy of Sahlgrenska University, Mölndal Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Case 5

Info: Increasing foraminal stenosis

Images courtesy of L. Gerigk et al, Univ of Mannheim, Germany


Case 6

Patient: Female 52 years

Info: Increasing central stenosis

Images courtesy of Dr. Lei, First central Hospital, Tianjin, China


Case 7
Patient: Female, 14 years

Diagnosis: Idiopathic Sciliosis

Info: Axial loading increases Cobb angle as if in standing position.

Courtesy of Dr E MacSweeney, Open MRI, Harley Street, London, UK




Case 8
Patient: Female 42 years

History: Neurogenic Claudicationm, accentuated in walking

Diagnosis: Increasing recess stenosis dx

Info: Unlimited walking capacity post operation



Case 9
Patient: Male, 75 years

History: Sciatica

Diagnosis: Increasing nerve root compression dx by a synovial cyst




Case 10
Patient: Male, 76 years

History: 2 years severe sciatica, impaired walking and standing capacity width motor and sensory disturbances

Diagnosis: Synovial Cyst dx




Case 11
Patient: -

Diagnosis: -

Info: Synovial Cyst

Courtesy of Dr U Amendy Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK




Case 12
Patient: Male, 58 years

Diagnosis: Low Back Pain

Info: Increasing disc herniation and recess stenosis sin




Clinical Experience


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Case Studies

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